Security Systems

Your life safety and valuables are unique. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter packages like everyone else. There is no reason for any to security systems to be configured the same. Contact us now to learn how every system we deliver is build-to-order. Advent True Security offers premium products exclusively from Honeywell, 2 Gig, and GE/Interlogix.

Security For Your Business
We will help custom tailor a system that suits your needs. Many of our savvy business owners want intrusion and fire protection. Discreetly mounted panic buttons can provide better safety for your staff in the event of a security breach or emergency situation.

Security For Your Home
Thoroughly protecting your home is made possible by matching your security needs with the right solutions. We can sensor just about anything and every environment. We love it when a customer presents us with a unique security concern.

Remote Control
With today’s technology, your security system panel allows remote control through your mobile phone or secure website. We can squash the worries of leaving and accidentally forgetting to arm your system. With our remote control technology, you can tell if you system is armed at a glance and arm/disarm with a flick of your finger.

Military & Law Enforcement
We proudly support our veterans and law enforcement. If you have served our country in the military or law enforcement, please let your security consultant know. We have special concessions we provide as a sign of appreciation and respect.

All security equipment is wireless. Basic setup price includes one-time $99 activation and $200 installation. Our premium monitoring service ensures your wireless security system is being monitored 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with lightening fast response times.