Company Info

Our mission statement is simple: We provide premium peace of mind using the best electronic surveillance and security systems available while always providing top-tier customer service.

Many customers in our client family came by referral. We love when a customer’s expectations were exceeded and they want to share the same experience with loved ones. Customer referrals are a direct reflection of our quality product and services.

Advent True Security was founded in 2008 and serves clients in Idaho, Washington, California, Nevada and Michigan. At inception, the way a panel communicated to the central station was limited. Two-way voice (verified response) was quickly becoming the standard when using a traditional hard telephone line. But using a telephone line gave the security system unneeded vulnerability.

We are proud to have been one of the early pioneers that brought two-way voice over cellular radio to Idaho. And now we are going to blaze a new frontier by bringing two-way voice over WiFi. Both of these options operate without the need of having a hard telephone line. This means a would-be intruder cannot simply disable your security system by cutting your telephone line with a pair of household scissors.

Be sure to ask your security consultant why two-way voice is critical for your security system monitoring.

Monitoring Services
We align with the finest monitoring call centers to keep your security system connected to the authorities. Spanning multiple locations across the U.S. with built in roll-over redundancy during a natural disaster, we can ensure your alarm event will be handled professionally and swiftly. Our monitoring facilities are CSAA Five Star Diamond Certified Stations for five points of excellence.